Computer Refresh Program

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will be replacing School of Medicine (SOM) device standard computers under the Computer Refresh Program. They will be replaced periodically with newer computers to minimize departmental costs and also to help improve productivity. The purpose of this program is to create an authorized standard process for computer replacement that complies with the SOM’s security standards.   



All administrative career staff and faculty serving under an administrative appointment (i.e., Chairs, SADS, etc.) are eligible for the computer replacement program.  For annually appointed roles, the computer becomes assigned to the specific role and is not necessarily to be retained by the individual serving under such role. The department will be responsible for purchasing and replacing computers used by the department and not assigned to staff or faculty employees (department loaners, departmental use, etc.).  



OIT will be focusing on the current end-of-life computers. This program will replace primary desktops and laptops every four years. Any department or unit that wants to purchase an additional or new computer will be required to purchase using its own departmental budget. All faculty and staff members who have workstations scheduled for replacement will be contacted by the OIT department to start the replacement process. On the day the computer replacement is installed, the retired computer will be collected by the OIT for disposal. The Computer Replacement Program will provide our community with competitive technology, strong security measures, and enhanced support from the IT team.    


Device Options    

Faculty and staff can choose all-in-one computer or laptop options within the device-standard website (subject to change each year). Also, computer assets that fall under grant funding are not part of the program. Any request that does not fall under the recommended standards will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and upgraded requests may fall under the responsibility of the unit and upon manager’s approval. Click on the link for options.    


OIT’s Responsibilities   

OIT will be responsible for managing the computer refresh program, which includes but is not limited to the following:   

  • Plan and schedule an appointment with the faculty or staff member, to ensure the computer replacement process, including the installment and access to all current systems, is performed successfully.  

  • Maintain accurate inventory records, by department, in the inventory system.   

  • Replacement of computers when they become out-of-warranty.   

  • Manage the support of the computer. 

  • Standard System Requirements: 

  • Operating System Patching   

  • Software Patching   

  • Antivirus/Malware protection   

  • Vulnerability Scanning software  

  • Computer Encryption   

  • Disposal of Out-of-Warranty computer.