IT Procurement Procedure

This website is to help guide the school of medicine community on how to process an IT Procurement request.  Under the Examples of IT Procurement Request, this will provide requesters information on what classifies as an IT Procurement request and when the Intake Form comes into play.  To determine if the hardware/software you are requesting is storing, processing, or transmitting sensitive data. Click the Protection Level Classification link.



  • Before you submit your procurement request, please have the following:
    • Invoice - Document attachment only
    • Department FAO or Manager Approver - Attached email screenshot
    • Intake Form A - Vendor to fill out and attach
    • Intake Form B  - Requestor to fill out and attach
    • FAU Number
    • If needed, Sole Source Document - Fill-out and attach
  • Submit a request:
  • To view the status
Office of Information Technology
  • Verify if the requestor provided the information above
  • Create the order in Ebuy.
  • Check out to SOM Compliance & Security for approval - Service Level Agreement below
  • Check out to ITS Procurement & Security for approval - Service Level Agreement below
  • Approvals have been completed, send the request to Business Operations
  • Service Level Agreement
    • 1-5 business days, if the information has been provided when the request has been submitted
    • 5 days or more, missing information from the Requestor's 

SOM Compliance & Security
  • Vendor Review, Risk Assessment, Security Architect Review
  • Obtain BAA, If needed
  • Approve purchase request
  • Service Level Agreement
    • 10 - 85 business days
ITS Procurement & Security
  • Review Risk Assessment, Security Architect Review
  • Approve purchase request
  • Service Level Agreement
    • 3- 5 business days, if the information has been completed

Business Operations & Central Procurement

  • Determine if the request needs a Purchase Order (PO)
  • PO creation process
  • Process invoice for payment
  • Service Level Agreement
    • Business Ops - 5- 7 business days
    • Central Procurement - 10 - 40 business days