Enhanced Security Zoom

On 04/15/21,  all of the School of Medicine user’s campus zoom accounts were moved to the enhanced security zoom. The enhanced security will cover all sensitive information data, including HIPAA, FERPA, PII, Research Data, and other sensitive data. Below are the changes with enhanced security zoom, documentation, and videos, frequently asked questions.

Changes with Enhanced Security Zoom
  • Personal Meeting IDs and links are not impacted. however, it is a recommended practice to begin sharing your new personal link (e.g., ucr.zoom.us/j/xxx to ucr-edu-hipaa.zoom.us/j/xxx)

  • Cloud recordings are not available.

  • Meeting participants cannot save the chat.

  • Save captions is turned off.

  • Peer-to-peer connections while in a two-person meeting are turned off.

  • Hosts cannot grant participants permission to record locally (only a Host can record locally).

  • If a meeting is being recorded locally by the Host, attendees will be prompted for their consent by a pop-up window.

  • Importing photos from a photo library on a device is disabled.

  • Some add-ons or integrations may not be approved or available. 

  • The use of animated GIFs in the desktop client Chat (not in-meeting chat) is turned off.

  • Company Contacts only include the subaccount.

  • All meetings are required to be secured with one security option: a passcode, Waiting Room, or "Only authenticated users can join meetings". If nothing is selected, Waiting Room is enabled. 

Documentation and Videos
Installation Instructions link
Webinar with Q&A session link


Frequently Asked Questions