IT Project Request Procedure

Project Review

The purpose of this procedure is to consider IT Projects as they relate to School of Medicine priorities in support of the SOM mission and Strategic Plan.  During the review, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will assess and/or recommend other viable solutions to meet your needs.  You will be contacted to further discuss the initial interpretation of the request.  This will confirm the high-level details of the request, which will lead to a meeting with key stakeholders for the project along with the OIT office.  A project may encounter an obstacle if impacted schedules, new technology requiring skills, or experience not currently available to the project team.

What Constitutes a Project

This work includes new (or existing) projects that utilize existing software, new hardware and software implementation requests, enhancements to existing functionality, and new offsite location deployments.  

Services Estimated Timeline of Completion
Web Development and Database Applications 1 - 4 months
Hardware & Software Installation 1 - 3 months
Enhancements to Existing Applications 1 - 3 months
New Off-Site Locations Deployment 5-6 months


  • Submitting the Request - Submit the request using the IT Request Form a minimum of 10 weeks in advance prior to the expected completion date of the project.  

  • Approval - Before starting to plan the scope of work, SOM IT leadership assesses the requests and resources to help determine if the project and desired completed timeline conflict with the IT Projects Plan.  If yes, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), in partnership with the Chief Financial Administration Officer (CFAO), and/or other members of the leadership team as needed, may evaluate the need to evaluate the Project Plan to help prioritize requests. 

  • Scope of Work – SOM IT staff and requestor will determine the project requirements and finalize the plan.  If any changes to the scope of work are identified, IT will determine if the change request can be added to the current agreement or addressed later, as part of phase 2 for the project. 

  • Execution – IT will draft a scope agreement and send it to the requestor to confirm mutual understanding of the scope and timeline.   Subsequently, IT staff will initiate and work toward the completion of the project while providing periodic updates to the requestor.   

  •  Completion - IT staff will finalize action items with the requestor before determining whether the project is completed. 

Project Request Flowchart
Submit New Request

Click on the link below to submit the project request form. Once we receive your request, we will contact you directly to learn more.  To have a successful IT project plan, we would like to request that a New Project Form be submitted at least 10-weeks prior to the desired project completion date.  Requests that are not submitted within this timeframe will have a lower priority, and current projects, as well as projects already on the project queue, will be addressed first. 

IT Request Form